Who We Are

We are a global network of professionals working to alleviate the gaps of post-war reconstruction.

We specialize in providing a range of in-state and outsourcing services for organizations working with or in countries that have faced challenges that come about as a result of years of unstable regional conflict.

We also provide programmes to give children once involved in conflict, a fighting chance through capacitation initiatives that will allow for self-empowerment and a better transition back into their society.


We strive to fill the gap of information and humanitarian aid in conflict and post-conflict states, the transition of organizations and businesses and work for social good with persons most affected by the ongoing crisis in their respective nations.

Founding Members

Laura Patricia Guaqueta,

Colombian National

Child Soldier
Reintegration and Resilience


Annaléa Vincent,

French National

Security and Imminent Threat



Polish National

Women's Protection in Crisis and Refugee Situation



Colombian National

Religion and Conflict

Our Extremely Talented Team


Pakistani National

International Lawyer and Terrorism Profiling

Ximena Conesa,

Recreational Therapist, Reintegration Programme

Carlos Otalora,

Colombian National

Children in Conflict Analyst

Alessandro Lanteri,

Italian National

Statistician for Internal Use, Country Analysis